MY AMERICAN HOMESTAY, a division of Globalise, is a leading U.S. non-profit organization, with over 45 years of experience assisting and supervising international students.

MY AMERICAN HOMESTAY’s comprehensive services include assistance with admission to U.S. private and public schools, language schools, and universities, arranging homestay with an American host family, guardianship, academic guidance and counseling support, as well as insurance coverage.

The MY AMERICAN HOMESTAY Home Stay Program offers a safe and beneficial home stay experience that can help you dramatically improve your communication skills through daily conversations and involvement in the American lifestyle and community.

My American Homestay Coordinators have been placing students in qualified home stays for over 45 years.  My American Homestay serves as the liaison between the students, school, host families, and overseas agencies.  Through our home stay services, combined with 24-hour counseling support, we are proud that we are “Connecting our World, Connecting our Memories.”

The MY AMERICAN HOMESTAY Program consists of 3 types of home stay options that enable qualified international students to attend school in the U.S. while living with a host family.

  1. 5-month (semester) home stay
  2. 10-month (full academic year) home stay
  3. Short-term home staylasting 1 week to 12 weeks (for immersion program students)

Our Mission:

It is our mission to provide a comprehensive service to our students by upholding the highest standards and quality of homestay.

  • MY AMERICAN HOMESTAY conducts home inspections of the potential host family’s home, orient host families, and monitor the students’ and host families’ progress on a regular basis.  MY AMERICAN HOMESTAY also requires that all adult members of a prospective host family undergo a Criminal Background Check.
  • Each student accepted by MY AMERICAN HOMESTAY is assigned a coordinator who helps to monitor the progress of the program and is available to provide students with guidance and support.
  • The MY AMERICAN HOMESTAY National Office also provides 24-hour counseling guidance and support.
  • No more than one student of the same nationality will be placed in the same home without prior approval from the sponsor school and agency.
  • MY AMERICAN HOMESTAY Comprehensive Homestay Program Services includes guardianship and insurance.


The MY AMERICAN HOMESTAY comprehensive service package includes the following services below.  The MY AMERICAN HOMESTAY fee does not include monthly stipends remitted to the host family for living expenses/accommodations as this cost varies based on the location of the homestay.  For pricing details, please contact MY AMERICAN HOMESTAY via email at: info@myamericanhomestay.org or by phone at 619-203-2639.

  • School Selection: MY AMERICAN HOMESTAY works with a large network of private and public schools.  Students are required to complete a My American Homestay F-1 Program Application in order for MY AMERICAN HOMESTAY to provide a student with a list of school and/or host family options.
  • Admission Process: MY AMERICAN HOMESTAY will assist the student with handling the entire admissions process to the school(s) the student selects.
  • Home stay Accommodations: MY AMERICAN HOMESTAY conducts home inspections of the potential host family’s home, including performing criminal background checks of any persons 18 years of age or older in the household. *Cost for host family accommodations/living expenses is additional and is not included in the comprehensive service package as living expenses vary by location.
  • Counseling Support: The MY AMERICAN HOMESTAY head office provides24-hour counseling support, and Coordinators monitor the students’ and host families’ progress on a regular basis.
  • Guardianship: MY AMERICAN HOMESTAY will normally serve as guardian for the student. A guardian who resides in the U.S. is required by most U.S. schools. By having MY AMERICAN HOMESTAY serve as the student’s U.S. guardian, school requirements can be quickly met and paperwork can be completed in a timely manner.
  • Insurance:MY AMERICAN HOMESTAY provides insurance (required by all schools) for 10 months.


  • Tutoring: For students who need additional help learning English, MY AMERICAN HOMESTAY can arrange tutoring services.
  • University Preparation Services: Includes, but is not limited to: assistance with University selection, applications, essays, and housing (if needed).
  • U.S. Tours: MY AMERICAN HOMESTAY provides concierge service for groups wishing to tour U.S. landmarks and/or universities.
  • Short-term ESL, Shadow and/or Cultural Immersion Homestay Programs, & Summer Immersion Camps: The MY AMERICAN HOMESTAY arranges short-term ESL and/or Cultural Immersion Home Stay Programs all year-round. We also offer a 1-or 2-week Summer Immersion Camp for students visiting the U.S. on a B2 visa, and for F-1 students prior to their arrival in the U.S. to begin school. This is a great way for international students to immerse themselves and experience camping with American students.

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